Walter Raes’ unique pieces of WEARABLE ART are brilliant innovative designs, either to be worn by the daring, or, to be enjoyed visually & aesthetically as wonderful, amusing contemporary sculptures.

Walter’s designs are 21st century forms with echoes from the earlier era of Conceptual & Kinetic Art - remember Yves Klein & Marcel Duchamp? Walter’s works are based also on re-cycled, re-used, re-purposed materials through their structures & his obsession with architecture & sculpture. Trainers, belts, thigh-high PVC boots, electrical cable ties, audio tape, supermarket shopping bags, mops & telephone coloured core cables have all been on Walter’s artistic palette.

Wearable Art pieces are often engineered & constructed with another of Walter’s obsessions: screw rivets. His source for these is same once patronized by both Galliano & McQueen.