Walter Raes’ Design Art shows superb witty designs based on re-cycling & re-using off-cuts from our consumerist society.

He takes disposable remnants from the everyday & creates new, useful & stunning furniture & interior installations - have been called enquiries in form & function. Materials range from Yellow pages as wallpaper to the front-half of a Mini Cooper to large cola bottles to ironing boards - all transformed by Walter’s talent & unique inspiration.

Isabella Blow, the amazing international fashion & design guru, was very passionate about Walter’s designs. “It’s so exciting that Walter transforms objects in such a way that initially their original use is often hidden, only revealed on closer viewing.”

Walter’s most recent designs are an integral part of trendiest new hair salon on King’s Road, Hari’s No. 2, where clients are enveloped by Walter’s brilliant surreal recycled work/cutting stations - all 11 of them: Design Art as functioning efficient interior Installation Art.