Walter Raes: Designer of Wearable & Design Art

TAMPON TOP: The Charles Period Top - wearable art

A Belgian in UK, Walter Raes’ wittiest creation has taken the Internet by storm.

The Charles Period Top is hot topic on over 100 fashion & style blogs from London to LA to China & beyond... Take a look:

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Walter Raes' Tampon Top (PHOTO, POLL)

First Posted: 04-13-10 10:08 AM | Updated: 04-13-10 05:00 PM

Charles Period Top

Designer Walter Raes has made somewhat of a career--or at least an entertaining Web site--out of creating fashions from unlikely materials. There's the Keypad Clubbing Top, the Cassette Tape Dance Dress and the Cola Wedding Dress. But perhaps most interesting is the Charles Period Top, which is made from tampons. A period piece, indeed.

Raes told Ecouterre, "By grouping single tampons together, I created a complex but versatile top. The object you shy away from actually becomes beautiful." What do you think?

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The Tampon Top.

Charles Period Top

Designer Walter Raes makes clothes from very interesting objects, such as keypads, cassette tape, mop strings, boots and metal mesh. But it’s his most recent top made from tampons that really takes the cake (or should that be blood?). To check out some of his other crazy creations visit Amazing but kind of strange at the same time.

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