Why use ice packs?

By far and away the most effective way to cool items during shipping is using gel ice packs. Shipping items using any other method (such as plain ice cubes, frozen bags, dry ice, and so on) may work on some level, but in terms of providing the right environment for maintaining items at a low temperature for medium-term delivery duration, gel ice packs are the most effective.

Ice Pack Costs

The cost isnít the primary reason, but it does help to prove the point somewhat. Sometimes itís not the most expensive (clearly!), or the cheapest option that is the most cost-effective.

Plain Ice?

While using plain ice made from H20 is certainly cheaper (read: free), you will ultimately be paying the price when the ice melts within hours, and soaks the product in water before it has arrived.

Dry Ice?

Using dry ice is a very expensive way of doing business. Preparing items for delivery using dry ice isnít as straightforward as you might hope. The idea, though, sounds cool (pun intended), but thatís just it; itís a nice idea for the boardroom, but difficult to implement in real-life. Also, it must be disposed of in a particular way, meaning the package recipients could be inconvenienced, too.

Mechanical Air Conditioning?

Weíre not suggesting investing in cool-chain logistics here; we mean going to the extra cost of working with a cool-chain courier to deliver your items. This might be a suitable option for your average national corporation looking to distribute nation-wide. This is not, however, financially viable for the majority of small to medium-sized businesses, however.

Ice Packs

Ice packs that contain a chemical gel formula often are able to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses better than any other option for chilled packaging delivery. These packs often contain cells, rather than large chunks of ice. This means that they can be wrapped around items, forced into holes, and even cut to size. The cost is negligible, compared to something like dry ice or a cool-chain courier, and they can be reused hundred (sometimes thousands) of times.


Why you may not be, you do have the ability to judge for yourself. Check out the prices of all of these options, give ice packs a go, and tell us that they arenít the most effective solution available!